Spirit Airlines Pet Policy–A Pre-requisite Of Proper Travelling

SpiritAirlines Pet Policy

Booked to travel with Spirit Airlines and planning to take your pet along? As a matter of fact, if you are an animal lover, then it gets tough to leave your pet alone even when you are travelling. Pets like dogs, cats, emotional support animal or service dog in the cabin is a reality with passengers flying any class aboard Spirit Airlines? Latest Spirit Airlines Pet Policy allows your pet friends in-flight to accompany in your journey.

Pets become more difficult to leave when you travel outside your town for any work or for even enjoying the vacation period. Things become difficult when you travel via air because it seems a challenge to travel with a pet on a flight. There are airlines that allow pets. Chief among them is Spirit airlines. However, there are guidelines that you need to follow in the form of Spirit Airlines Pet Policy.

Does Spirit Airlines Permit Pets On Its Flights?

Spirit Airlines takes special care that you are able to take your favorite pet friend with you when you go on a journey to anywhere.

Spirit Airlines permits the following pets on its flight:

  • Domestic dogs
  • Domestic cats
  • Small domestic rabbits
  • Small household Birds

Note: Certain birds are not considered household birds – such as game bird, waterfowl, farm poultry, birds of prey as well as any flightless birds.

As a part of Spirit Airlines Pet Policy, you need to add your pet description to your reservation list to take your pet along as you travel anywhere on Spirit Airlines. You may contact Spirit Airlines Reservations Center or call on its toll Free number or even text them as a SMS or on its WhatsApp app.  As can be understood, it gets helpful to make these arrangements when you are making your travel plans with Spirit Airlines with your pet. As prescribed by Spirit Airlines Pet Policy, all current charges also apply for pets.

Guests who are traveling with pets will require to check-in at the Spirit Airlines ticket counter. For this, self-service or curbside check-in is not permitted. Also, you have to give an extra time beyond normal check-in guidelines to allow pets to board the Spirit Airlines flights. 

Essential Guidelines When Bringing Your Pet Aboard Spirit Airlines:

  • Spirit Airlines only permits domestic cats, small domestic dogs, small domestic rabbits and small household birds on its aircrafts. 
  • Birds are not permitted to travel to and from cities in United States Virgin Islands or Puerto Rico with Spirit Airlines Pet Policy.
  • A maximum 2 pets per container is allowed, but only a single container per guest is permitted.
  • The pet cannot be violent, ill, or in any physical discomfort.
  • Spirit Airlines does not need any health certificate for pets traveling with passengers in the aircraft, except for passengers traveling to USVI.
  • Spirit Airlines Pet Policy doesn’t need any rabies vaccination certificate for pets traveling with persons in the aircraft cabin to Puerto Rico.
  • ·         Exotic pets such as rodents, snakes, spiders, etc. are not allowed.
  • The combined load of the carrier and pet must not exceed 40 pounds.
  • Animals must be capable of standing upright and move about comfortably in the container according to the Spirit Airlines Pet Policy.
  • The pet should be of the age of at least eight weeks and fully weaned.
  • The animal must be odorless, inoffensive, harmless and require no special attention during the Spirit Airlines flight.
  • If the animal starts causing disturbance or becomes offensive prior to leaving the gate, it will be removed.
  • Spirit Airlines Pet Policy says advance notice is recommended but not necessary.
  • You may select to sit with your pet anywhere you wish with the exception of the emergency exit rowsandfirst row.

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