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If you are planning to spend some unforgettable time with your loved ones with the luxurious amenities and ease, Get connected to the Scoot Airlines Official Site. Here, get information related to baggage, check-in, flights and more. All the reliable information is being provided for your hassle-free journey.

Know About the Airlines


Scoot Airlines is one of the leading airlines which is recognized as low-cost airlines formed at Singapore Changi Airport. The airline is operating internationally as well as domestic flights across the various destinations. The airline was launched in 2012. The airline main focus on long haul and medium-haul flights to different destinations. The airline is also knowns for its premium services to the passengers. Know more about the airlines by reaching Scoot Airlines Official Site.

Know About the Hub Airport

There is only one major airport which is are the following:

Singapore Changi Airport

One of the major airports where there are three runways and controlling 65 million fliers every year. Singapore Changi Airport is the biggest airport where airlines like Bangkok Airways, AirAsia, Air China, Emirates, and others fly. The award-winning airport is known for its shopping, food and more. Know more about the features of the airport at Scoot Airlines Official Site.

Know About the check-in Service

The following are the three ways to check-in for your flight.

Web Check-in

Online check-in facility is accessible through the site Online check-in page. Fliers can check-in at the airport and make sure they check-in on time. They must check-in for flights such as Berlin, Perth, Singapore, The Gold coast and others. The service stays open 72 hours prior to your flight timings. It may get close one hour prior to your flight. If you come across any problem while checking, visit Scoot Airlines Official Site.

Web check-in facility is accessible for:

  • Non-stop Flights
  • Individual passenger or group traveler

Kiosk Check-in

Fliers can check-in through airport self-check facility kiosks. The facility stays open 18 hours prior to your flight timings and closes 70 minutes prior to your flight. If you come across any trouble, visit Scoot Airlines Official Site.

Airport Check-In

The airport check-in facility is 3 hours prior to your flight and closes one hour prior to your flight. The airport check-in service is available only for a few hours. You must take care of your luggage as heavy luggage will take time to check-in at the airport. If you want to know more about the check-in visit Scoot Airlines Official Site.

Know About the Baggage Allowance

The luggage allowance policy is generous for each and every passenger. Here are the points that need to be cover for the luggage allowance of the customers,

Carry-on Baggage

The carry-on luggage allowance for passengers is Liberal. However, some items are restricted and can be transported with some charges. Know about the baggage for your flight at Scoot Airlines Official Site.

  • Economy

Allowed passengers to carry the limited baggage which includes 1 x 10kg or 2 pieces which include handbag or laptop with a combined weight not exceed 10 kg.

  • ScootBiz

Sanctioned the passengers to carry only two pieces of baggage which must not go beyond 15 kg.

The maximal dimensions to follow is 54cm x 38cm x 23cm (total dimensions that must not exceed 115 cm). Make sure the luggage must not go beyond the limits as there would be some charges that may passenger have to pay. You must check-in the luggage according to baggage fees. Get more information through assistance at Scoot Airlines Official Site.

Checked Baggage

There are numerous options for checked luggage in the bare:

  • ScootBiz

30kg Baggage allowance

Fliers can opt for the flight fare which doesn’t mention any checked luggage allowance.

If fliers require more baggage then they can buy up to 40 kg of baggage allowance. Fliers can re-buy the baggage according to their requirements. There may be some charges applied if customers exceed their luggage limits. For more information on baggage, reach to Scoot Airlines Official Site.

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