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5-star rated Skytrax EVA Airlines is settings the high standards of hospitality in the aviation industry since its foundation in 1989. The airline surprise travelers from time-to-time with their amazing Hello Kitty themes and tons of characters. From highly comfortable seats to a delicious variety of meals, EVA offers a high-end experience to its customers. But, are you aware of EVA’s baggage allowance, how to book tickets with EVA Airlines Official Site, or other general information? Here we have compiled a general review of EVA Airlines that provides you a decent look at the airline from the traveler’s perspective. Read on for a detailed outline of basic company information, fare and ticketing options, baggage allowance, inflight amenities, and other information related to EVA Airlines Official Website.

EVA Air is a 5-star rated Taiwanese airline entirely owned by Evergreen Group headquartered in Taipei. The high-end airline is well-known for offering one of the best business class products in the world. The flight operation started in July 1991, which makes EVA a new airline. It has never faced a single hull loss, fatality or accident since commencing operations. However, its short history placed EVA ranking as 15th internationally. Famous also for their unique Hello Kitty themes, EVA Air has lots of characters to share with the whole world. Therefore, millions of passengers book their air-journey with EVA Airlines Official Website.

What All Information is Available on The Official Website?

Following is the information which is available on the web If you are looking for the services related to baggage, check-in,

  • Baggage Allowance

EVA Airlines offer one of the most flexible baggage allowances in the aviation industry. All passengers (even Discount fare tickets holders) are allowed to carry one personal item and carry-on baggage free of cost. However, the total number of baggage limits depends on various factors such as type of fare, route, and flight duration, thus it’s advised to check all related information at EVA Airlines Official Website carefully.

  • Carry-On Allowance

All carry-on baggage must fit properly under the seat or overhead bin. In addition to one personal item (laptop, overcoat, purse) passengers can carry one carry-on baggage whose dimensions must not exceed 45 inches/115 cm and which must not weigh over 15 lbs./7 kg.

  • Checked Baggage Allowance

Passengers flying to/from Canada, the United States, and certain countries in Central and South America:

Baggage: 2 bags

Maximum Dimensions: 157 cm/62 linear inches

Maximum Weight: 32 kg/70 lb

Passengers flying to other destinations:

Maximum Weight for Economy and Premium Economy Class: 20 kg/44 lb total

Maximum Weight for Business Class: 30 kg/ 66 lb total

Maximum Weight for First Class: 40 kg/88 lb total

IMPORTANT NOTE: There are few exceptions to the information mentioned above, depending on the originating city and destination. For proper information check the EVA Airlines Official Site.

  • Check-In Information

Passengers are allowed to use online check-in through EVA Airlines Official Site up to 24 hours prior to their flight departs.

Requirements for using Online Check-in

  • Check-in 3 to24 hours prior to the flight departure.
  • Only a ticketed passenger with an original confirmed booking is allowed to use EVA Airlines Official Site online check-in.
  • Online check-in is not available as a special needs passenger such as Traveling with an Infant or Unaccompanied Minor.
  • Cancelation Service

If your plan gets canceled because of any unavoidable reason then you can consult with the team of representatives to cancel your flights. There is a detailed information on the guidelines of canceling your flights and also on refund too. You can visit at EVA Airlines Official Website.

  • Infinity Mileage Lands Program- Frequent Flyer program

The frequent flyer program of EVA Airlines is known as Infinity Mileage Lands, whose motive is to provide incredible services to the passengers to make their endless journeys to their dream destinations. Whosever becomes the members of this program gets the opportunity to give several benefits to make sure they get the reliable reservations. Passengers can earn so many rewards which allow them to make many journeys with EVA Airlines.

How to Book A Flight Via EVA Airlines Official Website?

If you are looking for the easiest steps to book your EVA Airlines Flights then following is the information which helps you to book your flights in the reliable way,

Step 1: Head towards the official site of Eva Airlines Official Website

Step 2: Now after reaching the site you need to look for the option called Book A trip Tab which enables you search about the destinations you are thinking to fly

Step 3: Now after visiting the tab option you can check for one way or round trips you are taking. Even you can look for check box according to the kind of trip you are thinking to take and can move to the next step

Step 4: now you can enter the departure and the arrival city you are thinking to fly

Step 5: now after your step 4 you have to mention the travel dates you are thinking to choose according to your schedule of your flights and choose the best travel class

Step 6: If you are thinking to look for the dates which are not fixed yet then you can look for the check box which states, “My dates are flexible “and if not then you can skip it and move to the next step for Eva Airlines Official Website.

Step 7: Now you have to look for the flight option which is suitable according to the specific requirements and then you can pay the amount for the bookings.

Step 8: Now you will receive the confirmation letter.

How to Cancel/Modify Flight Booking Via EVA Official Website?

Your plans can change at any time, keeping in mind the value of money and your efforts Eva Airlines Official Website delivers you the excellent and reliable services through which you can always modify your bookings at any time. If you cancel tour ticket within 24 hours then you will be eligible to cancel it and also receive the refund amount. In case you are not able to cancel the tickets within 24 hours then you will have to connect with the team of travel agents and know about the further steps. There are some applicable charges that you will have to pay if you wont meet the requirements for Cancellation policy. Following are the steps which allows you to cancel your flight and get the refund too,

  • Head Towards the Eva Airlines Official Website to make the necessary changes for your flight
  • After you visit the site you require to see the option “Manage your trips” which is available on the right corner of the site if you want to make the necessary changes of your site
  • Now if you see the bookings of your flights which are there on the site then you see the option for Cancelation click on it.
  • If you see the bookings or your flights is already cancellation then you can’t command further process but if there it is mentioned to pay the applicable fee then you have to connect with the representatives.
  • Once you cancel your tickets then you can look for the refund option which is also available there only
  • After that the amount of refund will be given to you or it may depend on the kind of ticket you have booked at EVA Airlines Official Website

How to Contact The Airlines Via Official Website?

If you have made your mind to make your ticket bookings and looking for the reliable way to make your purchase then you can easily connect with the travel representatives who are available at EVA Airlines Official Website. They are available round the clock to help you with the queries you have for the baggage, deals, offers, check-in, etc. Following is the information which helps you to stay connected with the Team of representatives at any time,

  • By chat Box option Service

Chat Box is the kind of authentic service through which you can connect with the representatives who are available at the EVA Airlines Official Website if you want to talk to them regarding your reservations. You can resolve all of your queries anytime and make your bookings as soon as possible. Chat Box is the reliable way through which you can take the assistance in the future for further concerns.

  • By Helpline Number

If you want to get in touch with the travel representatives anytime then you can take the information from the EVA Airlines Official Website through which you can make a call to the team of representatives.

  • By Email Assistance

If you are looking for the reliable information for Email address of EVA Airlines then you can visit the EVA Airlines Official Website and note it down from there. You can also stay updated about the offers and deals the airlines send you to make your journey budget-friendly with your loved ones.

Famous Destinations of the EVA Airlines

  • ChengduCTU.
  • BeijingPEK.
  • HarbinHRB.
  • GuangzhouCAN.
  • HohhotHET.
  • ChongqingCKG.
  • HangzhouHGH.
  • GuilinKWL

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