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Want to experience a relaxed and comfortable journey without worrying? All you have to do is just visit Air France Airlines Official Site and also know about the travel-related information and also aviation in airfares. The airline is delivering commendable services worldwide to make the journey worthwhile.  So, Enjoy the world-class services and great opportunity by visiting the Air France Airlines Official Site.


Basic Information about Air France Airlines

Airline:  Air France Airlines

Founded: 17 October 1933

Category: Flag carrier of French

Head Office- Tremblay-en-France

Frequent Flyer Program: Flying Blue

Alliance: Sky Team, Sky Team Cargo

Fleet size: 225

Destinations- 211

Tagline- “Making the sky the best place on earth”.

Air France Airlines Amenities

Choose your flight and make the most of your gravel in the widest and comfiest seats which are made for the comfort of the passengers. By visiting Air France Airlines Official Site, choose your dates and destination, get ready to fly with Air France Airlines.

Cabin Classes of Air France Airlines

Air France has three or four class for the long-haul international routes – which include economy, premium economy, business and La premiere. The short-haul ones have a 3-cabin configuration, including economy, premium economy, and business. Get yourself reserved in Air France Airlines Flights to enjoy the comfortable journey. If you get your flights by checking it on Air France Airlines Official site, you get to enjoy the best cabins for your convenient and comfortable journey.

Delicacies Served

Get different kind of beverages- cold drinks, hot drinks, Alcoholic and Non-alcoholic drinks too. You get different kind of meals which be contingent on the destination you are choosing, the class you are travelling by, the duration of your flight and others. All your meals, drinks and many activities are taken care of when you book with Air France Airlines, you can look forward to a stress-free holiday. To know about detail visit Air France Airlines Official Site.

Baggage Services of Air France Airlines Official Site

Baggage is part of travelling. The number and total weight of handbag depend according to your travel cabin. In the Economy class, you may bring 1 handbag and 1 carry bag. If you’re travelling in the Premium Economy and Business, you may bring two handbags and one carry beg. You must attach a tag with a barcode to the outside of each checked baggage item. Without it, your baggage can’t be recognized by the computer system and cannot be given back to you at the end of your journey. To know more about the baggage information visit the Air France Airlines Official Site.

Easy Check-In Ways

To save your efforts and time, Air France Airlines has offered several ways to check-in for their flight. It is suggested for the fliers to go for the facilities which allow them to check-in hassle-free. There are mainly 2 way of check-in facility, the first one is online check-in and the other one is airport check-in. Experience a unique way of travelling via Air France Airlines Official Site.

Check-in at the Airport

You can go with all the activities with the help of the staff and check-in in a convenient way. The staff of Air France Airlines is available at the airport. If you are carrying checked luggage, you can go for the step to print a luggage tag at an interactive kiosk. If you are thinking about flying with Air France Airlines, then these information about Air France Airlines Official Site can help you in your next flight booking and in all other services.

Check-in Online

By using the app of Air France Airlines, you get an opportunity to check-in hassle-free. Online check-in facility is available 24 hours before the timings of the flight. Make sure you check-in on time. You can download it on your smartphone. After the check-in process, you can choose how you want to receive your boarding pass.

  • Print it right away
  • Receive it via e-mail
  • Download it onto your smartphone

Further to know about more services details visit Air France Airlines Official Site.

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