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Air Canada is a carrier that doesn’t need any former introduction. Millions of passengers fly with it every year to reach their destinations. There’s no doubt that you already flew with this carrier or already know about it. But, are you aware of the Air Canada Official Site policies regarding flights and passengers?

If you are thinking about flying with Air Canada soon, then this information about Air Canada Official Site can help you in your next flying booking.

Know About the Airlines

Air Canada is the largest airline of Canada headquartered in Montreal, Quebec. The airline is a key member of the star alliance and it has the largest hub at Toronto Pearson International airport. It also provides passenger and cargo services for the world’s major destination including Montreal. Toronto, Vancouver. For more details, visit the Air Canada Official Site.

Fleet and Destinations

Air Canada owns the world’s major air carrier including Airbus330, Boeing 767 and other Dreamliner wide-body carriers. It has tied up with the world’s top airlines which provide its customers with great user experience. On average, nearly 1,602 flights are being operated by Air Canada per day. The airline is known for its vast route network which covers 64 domestic and 158 international destinations across Africa, Asia, the Americas, Oceania, and Europe. The customer support center is available in nearly every major city or passengers can connect with Air Canada Official Site for assistance anytime.

Air Canada Airlines Official Site-Merger and Reorganizations:

Due to several complaints of a flight delay, luggage criticism, and other issues, Air Canada acquired Canadian airlines to maintain its services. After that Air Canada has shifted its focus on the modernization of the fleet. To improve the quality of service it has largely repaired and accesses the modern technology to provide better services to its customer. After its acquisition, it has included aircraft like Boeing 747-000, Boeing 787 Dreamliner. The carrier is also working on improving its Air Canada Official Site customer support to assist customers better.

New Projects

Air Canada with collaboration with some premium air agency and research department, has started its dream project called Project XM. The major goal of this project is to install a new cabin in all airplanes and increase the customer satisfaction index of Air Canada Official Site.

Air Canada -Features:

There’s no doubt that Air Canada is a great airline but due to increasing competition in the aviation industry, the carrier is constantly trying to improve its services and maintain its position as a major airline in the industry. These are major features of Air Canada Official Site:

  • You will get a fully flat seat. It’s comfortable.
  • New cabins are full of its back seats with screens, where you can enjoy the entertainment at a new level. There is a person LCD screen for every passenger for the economy and executive class.
  • You will find the most interactive games on the flight. So enjoy your favorite AI games especially for kids
  • You can recharge your mobile phones and laptops with USB ports.
  • You will get better support at Air Canada Official Site.

Services beyond Difficulties

We all know the air recession in the late 2000s that hit the industry and affected it badly. In even that difficult time Air Canada kept it promised and offered most of its services to give its customers a pleasant experience. Air Canada regularly monitors its fleet and another department to carry the most luxurious flight. With the introduction of modern technology and heart teaching human professional, Air Canada Official Site is offering great flight experience to its passengers.

Subsidiaries of Air Canada Official Site

To serve a large number of passengers, Air Canada Official Site operates these following subsidiaries:

  • Air Canada Cargo
  • Air Canada Vacations
  • Air Canada rouge
  • Air Canada Express
  • Air Canada Jetz
  • Aeroplan

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